Figure 8 (HTML,CSS)

Crafting Elegance: Figure 8's Brand Identity

The Objective

Figure 8 by Elina Badr aimed to present an image of sophistication and grace through an impactful brand identity.


Addy Design Begins wove its creative prowess into Figure 8's brand identity, conjuring an enchanting logo, enchanting social media presence, captivating eBook design, and a menu that exuded elegance.

Overview of Figure8 social media platform
Overview of Figure8 packaging
Overview of Figure8 merchandise
Overview of Figure8 packaging
Overview of Figure8 logo design
Overview of Figure8 logo design

Figure8 visuals


Logo Branding: Designed a captivating logo that captured Figure 8's essence of elegance.
Social Media: Cultivated a visually appealing and cohesive social media presence that resonated with the brand's audience.
Ebook: Crafted an engaging eBook that showcased Figure 8's expertise and provided valuable insights to its clientele.
Menu Design: Created a menu that seamlessly integrated elegance into the dining experience.