Nurturing Wellness through Visual Identity

The Objective

CVC Wellness aimed to establish a serene and welcoming visual identity for its wellness services.


Addy Design Begins nurtured wellness by crafting a soothing logo, curating calming social media content, and creating compelling written material for CVC Wellness.

Overview of CVC Wellness packaging
Overview of CVC Wellness logo design
Overview of CVC Wellness social media platform
Overview of CVC Wellness mobile application
Overview of CVC Wellness merchandise
Overview of CVC Wellness packaging

CVC Wellness visuals


Logo Branding: Designed a serene logo that encapsulated a sense of tranquility and holistic well-being.
Social Media: Curated a soothing and inviting social media presence that resonated with individuals seeking wellness.
Content Writing: Crafted compelling content that communicated CVC Wellness's commitment to holistic health and self-care.